9 Genius Copy Writing Tips

Ever stare at a blank screen wondering how in the world to write your message so that it works?"

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7 genius copy writing tips

What’s the one thing you need to avoid in your copy writing? Find out right now in my new free training video: 7 Genius Copy Writing Tips. Don’t have time to listen to this 45-minute free training video? I’ve got you covered right here with your very own 9 Genius Copy Writing Tips Cheat Sheet.     […]

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3 welcome email ideas that convert like crazy

I’m excited to share 3 ideas you can use you in your email welcome series that I promise will convert leads into clients, customers, or donors…. like crazy. You’ll see why in today’s quick training video. If you’ve worked hard to generate a new lead or prospect, don’t let them slip away. Watch this video to […]

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“Go for an email address every time”

Feeling social media fatigue? Are there just too many social media channels to keep up with just to build a relationship with your donors or customers? Do you feel like you’re on a Facebook pendulum? One day you think Facebook is worth it. The next day its not? Over the holiday break I came across […]

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You ready for something new?

I want you to get even more value from this blog. So I’m going to try something new: micro-lessons that you can implement right away. I have a hunch that you’ll love it. If you hate it, let me know, I’ve got a back up plan. But here’s the deal… … you know I looooooooove […]

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Cool tools to make social media easier

Repeat your tweets This is crazy good news if you’re time crunched. There is such a glut of content out there (some of it is even good), that we’ve always recommended you should reuse and republish your best content, especially as your lists grow, regardless of social media platform. Who’s got time to keep coming […]

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Fast tip: how not to be boring

Can you afford to send emails that no one opens? Didn’t think so. Everyone, except your boss, has to have a super-interesting subject line to get their emails opened. Email in-boxes are pretty democratic: major national brands like Amazon, Apple, and American Red Cross are in the same boat as you and can’t get away […]

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3 essentials to set your email marketing on fire

I cringe when I hear marketers coach you to grow your email list because a big email list is a “money machine,” or a ticket to “print cash.” There’s no denying that your email house file is a huge asset that can drive massive revenue… ….but only if you do it the right way. C’mon over […]

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It’s only 56 days until Thanksgiving

It’s only 56 days until Thanksgiving. Our biggest sales and donations quarter of the year has arrived. Time to gear up your year-end email marketing. This week I’m re-sharing my popular year-end fundraising series from last year, almost all of which is applicable to for-profit sales too. Year End Email Marketing Tips Your Campaign Brief […]

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