“Go for an email address every time”

by mandy on January 9, 2015

Feeling social media fatigue?

Are there just too many social media channels to keep up with just to build a relationship with your donors or customers?

Do you feel like you’re on a Facebook pendulum? One day you think Facebook is worth it. The next day its not?

Over the holiday break I came across some good data from Forrester that offers some sound advice:

“If you have to choose between adding a subscriber to you email list or gaining a new Facebook fan, go for email every time”



Because Mark Zuckerberg owns your data on Facebook. You own your email list.

The researchers at Forrester conducted a recent survey about social media and brand engagement and here’s what they found out:

  • US online adults who want to stay in touch with your brand are almost twice as likely to sign up for your emails as to interact with you on Facebook
  • Your emails get delivered more than 90% of the time [and opened by 18% – 30% of your audience], while your Facebook posts only get delivered 2% of the time
  • US online adults who want to stay in touch with your brand are almost three times as likely to visit your site as to engage you on Facebook –which makes investing in your own online “community” something to consider. Then, you can just use commercial social media platforms to send qualified traffic to your custom community.

I use Facebook every single day to help clients attract new leads, new event registrations, new donors, and new customers, so I’m not slamming Facebook.

Quite the opposite.

I find Facebook’s marketing platform very effective. Instagram is a great source of “top of funnel” leads too.

I *am* encouraging you to plug Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, and Instagram into your marketing plan in a way that works for you, rather than you customizing your marketing to fit their business model.

Use social media to acquire email addresses to help you get the clients, customer, and donors you want.

I took some time off for the holidays, but I’m back and will get back to my weekly video tutorial series on Email Marketing that Converts next week with what your 3 tried and true messages for your first welcome emails.

Keep an eye open in your inbox. I’ve got an exciting new FREE resource to make your life easier coming your way in addition to the video series.

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You ready for something new?

by mandy on December 9, 2014

I want you to get even more value from this blog.

So I’m going to try something new: micro-lessons that you can implement right away.

I have a hunch that you’ll love it.

If you hate it, let me know, I’ve got a back up plan.

But here’s the deal…

… you know I looooooooove to share strategy and marketing psychology.

As valuable as that information is, most of the time, you just need to get a “good-enough” email out the door!

Am I right?

I have a hunch that there are hundreds of folks feeling pinched for time that can use quick tools and training that immediately help you send high quality, high performing emails.

So let’s just get to some sweet free training.

What’s next…

You’ll get videos that are less than 2 minutes with optional templates or checklists you can use with each micro-lesson.

And that’s it.

Spend 2 to 4 minutes per week with me to improve your email performance.

You’ll get a ton out of this. I promise.

Today’s video

The Most Important Email You’ll Ever Send

Lesson downloads

About 60% of your new subscribers will open your welcome email, here’s a worksheet to help you create your own compelling copy along with some copy for swiping if you don’t know what to say.

100% of your new subscribers see your Welcome Page. Here’s a worksheet to help you create a memorable welcome page with tried and true copy to use for this page.

What’s next after today…

We’re both going to learn as we go.

I expect to evolve this approach, especially with feedback from you.

I’ll plan to also cover:

  • What you need to include in your emails — and what you don’t
  • Content ideas for emails that your readers will love
  • Subject lines that get opened
  • When to send emails to get the best open rates
  • How many emails to send? Worried that you’re sending too much or too little?
  • How to run effective sales email campaigns
  • How to run effective fundraising email campaigns
  • Why you might need a reactivation email campaign – with a great tip on using Facebook to help you
  • What to do with an old email list or dormant email list
  • Much, much, more

Be sure to check back later this week for my next post: 3 “tried and true” ideas for what to say in your first welcome email

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Cool tools to make social media easier

by mandy on November 13, 2014

Repeat your tweets

This is crazy good news if you’re time crunched.

There is such a glut of content out there (some of it is even good), that we’ve always recommended you should reuse and republish your best content, especially as your lists grow, regardless of social media platform.

Who’s got time to keep coming up with genius content?

What if you already peaked with your best content and your new audience hasn’t seen some of your best stuff yet?

All kidding aside, for Twitter and to a lesser extent, Facebook, an analysis of 1 million tweets supports our advice.

Wisemetrics lives up to their name with the following analysis of how your content holds it value better than your used car.

  • On average, the second tweet about a news get 86% as much performance as the first one
  • The 6th time you’ve posted the news, you’re still get 67% as much performance as the first time you posted


Do yourself a favor and reword it a bit each time, but if you’re only tweeting your best content once, you’re wasting time and money.

Repeat your Facebook Posts too!

Griping about organic reach being down, or picking up your marbles and leaving Facebook altogether like Copyblogger did, isn’t going to make you feel better.

Or do your business any good either.

If you’re like me and most of my clients, you HAVE to be on Facebook because your audience is there checking out pictures of their grand-kids, cat videos, or stalking the people they went to high school with.

No judgment.

Here’s a great work around.

First, the performance of a repeat post on Facebook doesn’t hold it’s value as much as I just showed on Twitter.

There’s a 38% loss of performance at the 1st repetition on Facebook vs 14% on Twitter.


That means that your repeat post performs at 62% the level of the first post.

And all you did was change the wording a little.


Next tool: Are you trying too hard on social media?

Here’s a fun free tool to measure if you’re trying to hard, which means you might be annoying, or worse, you look…

… desperate.

I find that people are on one side of the pendulum or the other.

You self-promote too much on social media.

Or, you don’t want to self-promote because it makes you feel cheap and salesy.

We can agree, though, that success on social media for both business and personal is about connecting in an effortless authentic way.

I’ll admit, this tool is in good fun and more relevant to your personal life, but it’s still worth a “look-see” for your business or nonprofit.

Why a “look-see?”

I looked at people who were really good at social media and sure enough, their scores correlated with their success on social media.

Axe Body Spray created a fun tool called Social Effort Scale, to support their “effortless” marketing campaign.

Social Effort Scale - Log in


The Social Effort Scale  is free and rates your posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to tell you if you are “trying too hard with your social media sharing.”

Warning: You have to be careful about how you log in on your social media accounts to measure your business versus your personal accounts.

I measured both.

Your scores are based largely on the way you format your updates, so you get scored as trying too hard for using too many:

  • Hashtags
  • Capital letters
  • Emoticons
  • Exclamation marks

If you’re like me and speak at conferences, you get penalized for having too many hashtags if your audience retweets or tweets during your talk, so I would definitely evaluate the results against what your goals were or are. I love audience tweeting highlights from my presentation.

Here’s the fun part.

The tool allows you to compare yourself to other Twitters users without getting caught comparing yourself to them.

You can click on your categories for Twitter to see what type of posts get rated “effortless” or “trying to hard.”

My Twitter score is great at 92% effortless.

Social Effort - Twitter


My Facebook score is a downright “walk-of-shame” at 57% trying too hard.

I’m ashamed.

I will do better.

Social Effort - Facebook Walk of Shame


Thanks to Kevan at Buffer for making me aware of this one.


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