Did you know that on average each of us sends, receives, and replies to about a 100 business emails per day?

Want to get the most out of these 500 high-value impressions per week?

Here’s an easy peasy quick win you can use in the next 5 minutes to boost your email list, or get a new Facebook fan, or get a new petition signature, new participant, or promote a discount coupon–for FREE.

Just add an effective call-to-action line to your email signature.

If you use Outlook, just go to your File Menu > Options > Mail > Create or modify signatures for messages – and add a call-to-action to your signature.

If you use Gmail,  just go to the gear icon in the top right corner of your inbox and select Settings > Signature Editor and change or add a signature.

I change my call to action out depending on my latest promotion, but my “default opt-in” is 8 Secrets to Emails Your Readers Will Love, which has been very popular.

Screenshot 2014-09-25 19.25.11

What’s effective?

  • Keep your opt-in to one line
  • Make sure your one sentence offers a benefit or two
  • Hyperlink the opt-in to make it super easy to select
  • You can highlight the link or full sentence with a color if you really want it to stand out from the “sea of grey” in your email
  • Avoid images, even if your marketing department sends out requirements for branding of your event or conference. Sell your link in as few as words as possible for maximum click-throughs. You can always put branding and images on your landing page.

Ideas you can swipe

Here’s some ideas for your one-liners:

  • Impress your boss with ….
  • Early bird discount expires on … Click here to save $250.
  • Stop torturing yourself writing new headlines and steal these proven headlines.
  • Get exclusive flash sale alerts here
  • Be a hero tonight with this 15 minute delicious recipe for dinner
  • 101 Words that Sound Like Sounds to jazz up your writing.
  • BOOM! 15 ways to wow your audience. Yours free.
  • Stop being the thing that goes bump in the night and download Insomnia No More.
  • Want to know how to stop your teen from smoking?
  • Follow me on Twitter.

What’s stopping you?

What’s not to love about this quick win?

  • 5 minutes to complete
  • Free
  • New clicks from high value contacts


Here’s the best advice I got all week

by mandy on September 19, 2014

Want to stand out in today’s digital communications?

Make it easy for your reader.

Be direct.

And pass the 50 word test on your website, email, landing page, or blog to get higher conversions.

What’s the 50 word test?

It’s the best advice I got all week.

I failed the 50 word test and will fix it quickly thanks to the brilliant folks at The Persuasion Revolution.

The 50 word test is…

When someone lands on your page never having heard of you before, can your page answer these 3 questions in the first 50 words?

  • Who is this website for?
  • What exact pain points does it solve?
  • Why should they care?


I love www.helpscout.net, an outsourced help desk service for small businesses and nonprofits. This elegant homepage makes it clear the pain they solve. These guys are masters at headline writing when you continue to scroll for information with headlines like, “Invisible to your customers, incredibly useful to your team.”

Nailed it!

That’s exactly what people want from their customer/donor support.

Screenshot 2014-09-19 08.10.51


What’s strikes me about https://www.michaeljfox.org is how clear the copy is to drive action, which is empowering to a family dealing with Parkinson’s while building the foundation’s list.

Again, kudos to their copywriters. There is no question about the boldness of the mission and how the web visitor can take action RIGHT NOW.

Few distractions means more action whether you’re a nonprofit or small business.

Screenshot 2014-09-19 08.17.13


Go on. Take the test.

Double dog dare you.

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Wow! Here’s Your Social Media Post Cheat Sheet

by mandy on September 11, 2014

My Clever Agency is living up to their name with this wildly useful Infographic shown below (keep scrolling).

They give you social media posting template with annotated advice.

I think the “timing” at the bottom of the Infograph is a bit of dodgy advice.

I also encourage you to place your top keywords in your title, not just the first sentence.

But I’m nitpicking.

This baby streamlines your social media posting and I’m thrilled to share it here with you.

Remember, I don’t recommend you use all these social media platforms.

I strongly recommend you have ONE primary channel of communication with your audience, they channel they use most, with a second, maybe third channel at most.

For example, I use my blog as my primary channel with Facebook as my second.

Enjoy this template and my thanks to the good folks at My Clever Agency.


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